Planning A Vinyl Flooring Purchase

Why would I want vinyl flooring?

How about style, customization, versatility and practicality for starters? Vinyl flooring is all about choices and versatility. It looks great and is easy to maintain. There’s even a sub-category called luxury vinyl which, as the name implies, delivers on luxury looks and performance at value prices. These will put your imagination into overdrive!

What is "vinyl" flooring?

When people say "vinyl flooring", they are really talking about the broader flooring segment of resilient flooring which includes linoleum, rubber, space-age materials, and other materials. In some ways, vinyl floors can be the most practical and cost-efficient material available to cover your floors. They feel warm underfoot because they don’t welcome heat transfer like wood, stone or tile. And they “give” a bit when you walk on them, hence the name “resilient.” These are rugged, textural floors for any room of the house.

What about fashion and vinyl resilient floors?

Today’s resilients are a far cry from those of just a few years ago. New technology has added striking clarity and depth to today’s vinyl offerings… wood, tile, stone and slate, plus amazing colors with new textures and finishes. Still not convinced? There are even luxury vinyl tiles that can be grouted to better emulate ceramic.

How long will my vinyl or resilient floor last?

You’ll likely want to change the fashion or style long before your resilient floor wears out. Manufacturing advancements and surface treatments like protective coatings that are just short of diamond-tough mean your resilient floor can last up to 30 years.

Where can I use vinyl or resilient flooring?

The nature of this flooring has changed dramatically in the last decade along with its advancements in style and fashion. This means that vinyl and resilient can go just about anywhere in your home. 

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