Planning Your Flooring Purchase

How important is selecting the right floor covering?

Don’t leave selecting your new floor until the last minute. Designers will advise you to start your décor selection with the floor.

Your flooring will be one of the most significant investments you make in your home‘s interior design. Designers say it should be factored in to your overall design scheme right from the start. Top designers actually start here, knowing the floor can be a backdrop or a foundation for design or even a truly custom focal point.

A well-selected floor featuring top-quality materials and installed professionally actually can save you money in the long run. Why? Because you can redesign your room many times, from simple seasonal changes with accessories like pillows and area rugs to complete makeovers without having to re-do your floor.

Picking both the right level of quality and attributes can seem daunting, that’s where we come in. We can help you in finding that special carpet/flooring that best reflects your busy home or business life…Flooding? For the 3rd time? You need waterproof flooring. Wear Patterns? High density high impact resistant Carpet or Flooring. Stain and Dirt Prone areas? Patterns or Multi-Colors. We have the solution after all we’ve been doing this since 1874.

What do I need to keep in mind when selecting a new floor?

The same things you would if you were selecting a new wardrobe because you are “dressing your home,” initially you’ll think color, texture and style.

Color sets the mood of the environment you want to create, as it reflects your personal design styling goals: cool, warm or neutral.

Texture comes next. We define texture in two ways: actual or visual. Actual texture is a physical manifestation while Visual texture is created by how colors and pattern are applied. Both versions create a sense of depth and presence enhancing and supporting your design scheme.

Style is that certain look you want to adopt or achieve. Each décor piece in a room contributes to style. Is your style Contemporary, Colonial or Traditional, Avante Garde? Carpet and/or Flooring anchors your overall style or theme.

When I shop what do I need?

To make your visit more productive we suggest:

  1. Bring swatches/paint chips/fabrics/etc. in fact anything that you are working with so that we can better hone in on the style & quality that fits both your aesthetic & budget.
  2. Take pictures to better show configuration/lighting/or any other issue that you feel we need to know about in order to understand what you want or to address an area of concern.
  3. If possible make a rough sketch and take some basic measurements in order for us to, during your visit, give you the most accurate guess as to costs.

At Olson Rug & Flooring we have been helping people buy the right Carpet and Flooring since 1874.

We can help.

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