Shaw Caress Carpet in Chicago

Why Buy Shaw Caress Carpet?

With help from the carpet mill we want to help explain to you "What is Caress?" And why Caress carpets could be the right carpet for your home. Before you scroll down permit us to tell you why Olson Rug & Flooring should be your destination for this exciting new soft nylon carpet.

Olson Rug & Flooring has been in continuous operation since 1874 and is a Chicago based company. This means we service what we sell. The Proof? We are still in business after 139 years.

Our sales staff is some, if not the most, trained and experienced Carpet and Flooring specialists in Chicago. They understand how to help you find the product that fits both your wants and needs, after all all we do is floors.

Our installation? Our certified Sub-Contractors have the experience, skill and training to install the product correctly, politely and on time. Olson stands behind their work and craftsmanship.

Finally the price: Out of the 27 new Caress carpet styles being introduced by Shaw Industries, Olson is stocking colors in 20 of those 27 styles. Will we always have the color you want in stock? Of course not, but because of Olson's strong relationship with Shaw Industries we are able to offer you our low stock price on all the colors on all the Fabrics that we stock. This means one low installed price for over 300 different colors in 20 different upscale fabrics. Also, we absolutely guarantee you'll get the best price in town.

We are very excited about Shaw's Caress carpets joining our fine selection of soft carpeting and hope you read on to find out whether Shaw's Caress Carpet Collection is right for you.

From color inspiration through soft fiber innovation, Shaw Flooring has built a collection of carpet products worthy of your home, but we know that's not all you're looking for. Purchasing carpet is an investment that will be the stage where your life happens over the next few years, so you definitely want to make a good decision. That is why all carpets included in the Caress Carpet Collection are enhanced with Shaw's patented R2X stain and soil resistance system so you can relax knowing if there is a spill, Caress carpets will repel the liquid giving you time to clean it up.

The shopping experience with the Caress Carpet Collection is designed to be easy. In Olson Rug's Chicago area stores you'll find 50 colors in a variety of styles in various weights and textures. Choose your color and style and ask us for our take-home carpet samples. You'll be able to color match against other design elements in your home like furniture, paint and wall coverings.

The entire Caress Carpet Collection is made with Shaw's soft Anso® nylon. For more than 40 years, families all over the country have trusted carpets made with Shaw's Anso nylon to stand up to their busy lifestyles. With more than 1 billion yards sold, it's a proven nylon carpet fiber you can trust.

Anso Nylon Warranties Include:

  • Lifetime* stain and soil warranties, including pet stains**
  • 20-Year warranties cover texture retention, abrasive wear, QualityAssurance, Softbac® Backing
  • and a 30-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

*All Anso nylon warranties are pro-rated, transferable to the new homeowner should you have to move, and labor inclusive, should the worst happen Shaw Industries will pay reasonable labor costs to have replcement carpet install.

**Pet urine included. All other pet stains excluded.

From one Chicagoan to Another

Since 1874 when Olson Rug started manufacturing woven rugs and broadloom in Chicago no one understands what Value (Product+Price+Service) means to Chicagoans better when it comes to installed carpet. No One. Shop us and see. After all, we are Chicagoans too. We will help you make your home beautiful. Promise.

Shaw Caress Carpet in Chicago

Shaw Caress Carpet in Chicago

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