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Waterproof flooring has become extremely popular choice with Chicago area homeowners. Many homeowners love the look of real wood, tile or stone flooring but also desire a floor that can be more forgiving from spills and accidents with kids and pets. Like laminate flooring this is why Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT Flooring) has become so popular, It offers the best of both worlds, Flooring with stunning realism and designs and is waterproof and pet-friendly.

The two most popular types of waterproof flooring today (as of January 2019) are WPC Flooring and SPC Flooring. Both of these are multi-layered PVC floors with slightly different constructions, similar to laminate flooring but with some major advantages.

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WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring

Shaw Floorte Waterproof flooring

WPC Flooring (Wood Plastic Composite) has a center core that is comprised of PVC, calcium carbonate, some wood particles and a foam filler. Above the core is the hi-tech photo print layer and a LVT top layer. An example is Shaw Floorte flooring and Coretec flooring. The WPC flooring is recommended for residential use and has tremendous visual appeal. Some of the WPC floors have an attached cushion on the back for added comfort under foot.

SPC (Solid Polymer Core) Flooring

Shaw Floorte Waterproof flooring

SPC Flooring (Solid Polymer Core) has a core that combines virgin PVC (about 25%) with calcium carbonate (about 75%) and are compressed into a very dense solid, rigid core. These floors also have a hi dpi realistic print layer and a LVT wearlayer of top. SPC Floors are recommend more for commercial use and some can handle heavy traffic.

Shaw LVT Waterproof Flooring

Both of these waterproof LVT floors types, WPC Flooring and SPC Flooring, have a rigid core. Most of these floors have a click-lock installation system and can be installed anywhere in the home including bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, foyers, laundry rooms, basements and anywhere else in the home.

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