How to Choose The Right Carpet


How to choose carpet flooring

Carpet is probably the most cost-effective and versatile flooring choice for many situations for homeowners. Carpeting can add warmth and softness under foot to any room, With today's tremendous selection of styles, patterns, colors and textures you can always find a carpet to really accent any decor and fit any lifestyle. Carpet is the one flooring type that can be used any where in the home and doesn't require costly sub-floor preparation or have manufacturer's installation restrictions that some of the other flooring types do, such as solid hardwood or ceramic tile. Carpet can be installed over concrete slabs, USB board, plywood and even some hard surface floors. Carpeting is also easier to transition from adjoining rooms where there may already be hard surface type products installed.


Researching your carpet options can become some what overwhelming with so many brands, styles, patterns, textures and colors to choose from. Compounding this even more are all the different carpets weights and fibers which all have an effect on the price of each carpet. Our professional sales staff has the years of flooring experience to help guide you through the buying process.

Where to Begin


Carpet samples
So where should homeowners begin their shopping process? It's best before you stop into our store to take some notes about the room you want to decorate. Here are some suggestions...


What is the overall color tone or theme of the room?

Knowing the overall color theme of the room will help you narrow down the colors of carpeting that best match the room. If possible, be sure to take along a fabric sample from the room to help select the best carpet color tones for the room.

How is the interior decorated?

Think about what will complement the interior decorations and blend well with any artwork, furniture, fabric and wall color in the room. If the room decor is already fairly busy then you will probably want to select a less busy carpet style, such as a solid-colored carpet, or tone on tone carpeting. Is the room more formal or casual, contemporary or traditional? We offer many different carpet styles to complement and room.

Does the room get a lot of foot traffic?

To avoid traffic patterns appearing in your new carpet look for carpets that have higher density and better yarn twist. The tighter the yarn is twisted the better the yarn's ability to resist matting and crushing. Loop pile and patterned carpets also have a tendency to show less matting and traffic patterns.

What are the room dimensions?

Take a moment to measure the length and width of the room. Most carpets come in 12 foot width and rooms that are larger than that will require seams in the carpeting. If your room is wider that 12 foot you may want to find carpets that are offered in 13 feet 6 inches or 15 foot width instead. Knowing the room's dimensions prior to going shopping for carpeting will also help you get a more accurate estimated price quote. We also come out to your home and take the final measurements and make a thorough inspection of the room before we write up the proposal and order the carpeting. This also gives us a chance to explain things you might have overlooked.

If this is a remodeling project, what flooring is in the room now?

Carpeting can be installed over many different types of flooring if you don't mind raising the height of flooring in the room slightly. If this is not a viable option, then you will need to have the existing flooring removed which can add considerably to the total cost of the project.

If you would like to learn more while browsing our website, we have put together a brief carpet buying guide. We recommend you start with carpet construction types first to get a better understanding of the various carpets that are made today.