Common Carpet Construction Types

Carpet is offered in a variety of types of carpet constructions and the type of carpet you choose really depends on your decor, lifestyle, traffic and decorating tastes. The various types of carpet are not only offered in different colors but also in different fibers, yarn twists, and weights which all affect the price, warranty and the performance of the carpet. This will give you a general overview of the popular types of carpet construction made today. We have a tremendous selection of all these types of carpeting in many different colors, designs and prices for you to choose from.

Plush Carpet (Saxony)

Plush carpets, also called "saxony carpets", are a great choice when you want a more sophisticated appearance for your decor, such as in a formal living room or dining room. The classic look of plush carpets come from the smooth, densely packed tufts of yarn combined with rich, solid colorations. Plush carpets come in a wide variety of solid colors, fiber brands, weights, and price points.

Cut Pile Carpeting - The term “cut pile” can be some a what confusing to many consumers. All tufted carpets start out during the manufacturing process as loops. When the loops are cut we refer to the carpet as some form of cut pile carpet. Any time you hear the words “cut pile” in a carpet store they are generally referring to plush carpeting.


Plush carpet style

Textured Saxony Carpet

Textured saxony carpets is one of the most versatile and popular types of carpet today. They can go any where in the home. By adding more twist to the tufts of yarn the textured saxony shows less traffic patterns than a saxony carpet will, but is less formal looking. These carpets a great when you want a rich, soft look but are concerned about foot traffic patterns and marks left by a vacuum cleaner.



textured saxony carpet style

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpets where the tufts of yarn have been so tightly twisted the tufts curl over. The advantage is the tightly twisted tufts can really stand up to a lot of wear and traffic. The disadvantage is they don't have the nice soft hand of some of the saxony carpets. Their appearance is less elegant and formal too. If you are looking for a carpet for high traffic areas that won't show foot prints and vacuum marks then definitely look at some frieze carpet styles. For example, a frieze carpet might be the perfect choice for a well-used family room.


frieze carpet style

Loop Pile Carpet

Like it sounds; loop pile carpets are constructed of all loops that can be all the same height or varying heights. Loop pile carpets are known for resisting crushing and matting and not showing traffic patterns or vacuum cleaner marks. This type of carpeting is more casual and ideal for family rooms, rec-rooms, great rooms, or any room where heavy traffic pattern exists. Note, the more pulled down the loops are the better the carpet's ability to resist crushing and matting.


loop pile carpet style

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets come in a wide range of designs from geometric loop piles, to loop and cut pile patterns to elegant all cut piles with varying degrees of texture and designs. Patterns can be either small or quite large and range from soft to bold color combinations. They can be used in formal settings to contemporary depending on the pattern and your decorating tastes.

patterned carpet style
loop patterned carpet style
cut-uncut patterned carpet style

Note about berbers:
Berber actually is meant to refer to flecks of color against a natural-colored background and is best for a contemporary, country or cottage interior decor. Although Berber carpets are most common in bulky loop pile carpets you can also find the Berber styling in saxony and frieze carpet construction as well.

Next, let's learn a little about the different carpet fibers.